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Best nutrition food for babies

Best nutrition food for babies

Babies don’t eat a lot of food as compared to adults. This is simply because of their tiny tummies. It is important, therefore to make every particle that they take in count. It is a matter of great importance to ensure that the food that they take is of the right nutritional values and of course, in the right proportions. The idea of balanced diet applies immediately the baby starts weaning. It is an important step in the baby’s growth since it is getting introduced into the world full of tastes and flavours. As a mother, sometimes it is a bit challenging to know the best baby nutrition food and that is why after a long research and consultation, I have written down this exclusive list of those foods to help see your baby’s grow happen faster, with much ease and of course, with fun. Enjoy reading and incorporating them into the baby’s diet the same way I enjoyed writing them down. Read on.


This is a source of purely unsaturated fats. That doesn’t mean that it will be of the levels harmful to the body. No. unsaturated means that it is of the right quantity to help in the baby’s brain development. In fact, it is the most convenient gradual introduction of solid foods to the baby.

Best nutrition food for babies
For best results, try mixing them with some other foods which includes cream cheese, some fruits like apples and even canned fish. On top of being affordable and rich in nutrients, this meal can also be carried safely in bags during travels as they are just fine under room temperatures.


This is the ultimate hero in the provision of carbohydrates and fibre. The baby needs energy more than a grown up. This is due to the surface area to volume ratio arithmetic in regards to the energy needs around the environment. Fibre gives the baby ability to digest other foods easily and reduces instances of constipation. This implies that bananas can be combined with other foods.
They are easily portable due to their packaging. During serving, be sure to mash the ripe ones only. Pretty much old babies can as well eat pieces of chopped bananas.

Sweet potatoes

This is an excellent source of vitamin c, potassium and fibre. It is also a source of carotene (a mild antioxidant) that helps curb instances of certain cancer that can crawl to the young ones. As their name suggests, they are sweet! This is why babies prefer them to other veggies. Whether cooked or mashed, they are super easy to eat, making them a great choice for all children even those that are at the weaning period.


We know that eggs are a collaboration of many good stuff. The white substance (egg white) is a rich source of protein. The yolk on the other hand, provides the baby with super nourishments which includes vitamins A, D, E and even B12. The yolk also provides the body with choline, a substance that is needed for brain development. In some occasions, the eggs can present instances of allergic reactions and that is why you should consult with your paediatrician before giving the baby this protein rich food. So in most cases, it should be delayed a bit in order to be sure that it will not affect the baby.


You should never worry about general growth and healthy vision development when this food is among the many that you give your baby. This food contains beta-carotene. Once ingested, it transforms into vitamin A which is needed for the development of healthy …

The different types of baby nutrition foods and their properties

The different types of baby nutrition foods and their properties

There are many nutritious and baby friendly foods available in the market. Out of these, there are some which are much better than the others. These are the ones which have loads of required nutrients, come at an affordable price, easy to make and good to taste. Some of these favourite Baby nutrition foods are

Blueberries are a great source of flavanoids

Blueberries are one of the best foods full of nutrition for babies. The dark blue colour of berries is due to the presence of anthocyanins which are simply great for the baby’s brain and eye.

For an ideal dish for your baby you can mix ¼ cup of blueberries with a spoonful of water in a bowl and let it heat in microwave for about half- a-minute. Once this mixture is ready, you can add yoghurt and serve.

The taste and nutritional value of Yoghurt are amazing

Yoghurt is an exceptionally fantastic food for your baby when he is about 6-7 months old. This food is amazing as it not only boosts the immunity of your baby but is also a great support for the brain and heart. Yoghurt is an opulent source of vitamin D and calcium due to which it is especially good for the baby’s teeth and bones. As a matter of fact, plain yoghurt is a very good choice of nutrition for your baby as it does not contain added here for more information.

The different types of baby nutrition foods and their properties

For an ideal dish for your baby, you can mix mandarin orange with yoghurt to get a lingering taste. You may even try mixing yoghurt with dry infant cereal or avocado.

Squash is a fantastic source of required vitamins for your baby

If we talk about Squash it is a very rich source of vitamin A and C.It is naturally sweet in taste, has a texture full of cream and is very nutritious.You can try sprinkling the parmesan cheese along with a seasoning of chilli on squash. After this roast the squash and you are ready to serve your beloved baby. You may even try to cook squash with garbanzo beans and mild chiles to get a dish full of nutrition.

Lentils are light and full of energy

Lentils are easy to digest and are full of essential fibre and protein for your baby. The best thing is that they come at very affordable price and easily available. In order to make a healthy diet for your baby, you can ideally mix cooked lentils with vegetables and rice. To add you can do seasoning of your choice.

Dark leafy green vegetables are rich in essential iron for the baby

The dark leafy greens are full of iron and folate due to which they provide a high quality of nutrition for your baby.

The most popular of the leafy green is Spinach, but there are others like chard and kale which are also a good source of essentials minerals. If you want to prepare a very rich iron diet for your baby, you can steam green leafy and mix it with cereal. You should always mix two parts of vegetables with one part of cereal to make an ideal mixture for your baby.

The above-mentioned baby friendly foods are some of the best for your baby and these should be served on a regular basis.…

Best Double Strollers of 2016

Best Double Strollers of 2016

When looking at topics related to “the top or best double strollers in 2016,” Parents, guardians and other users are after convenience, comfort, quality and user-friendliness. Finding a product is becoming much easier courtesy of new innovations, better technology and stiff competition amongst the vendors. However, the bigger challenge is finding the “BEST” product. Making the right choice can be simplified by factoring in the following:


Comfort is “King” when choosing a stroller. You as well as your babies desire to feel comfortable at all times. It doesn’t matter whether you are riding over grass, dust, asphalt/tarmac, concrete or any other surface. To get the best product, it’s crucial to look at the suspension system, the size of wheels, the handle and seat type and more. Seats made from heavy padding and soft fabric offer good comfort as can be seen in the BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller.

Ease of Use

Strollers come in all manner of shapes, sizes, brands and more. There are side-by-side, tandem, front-to-back, jogging and many others. Whichever the type, you need to focus on its user-friendliness. A good type should be easy to fold and unfold, requires minimal effort to push, and can be reconfigured in different ways to suit different needs. Cleaning and maintaining it should also be easy. A product such as Thule Urban Glide 2 Stroller can be reconfigured in more than five ways

Best Double Strollers of 2016

Weight and Size

Considering they are designed to carry two toddlers, double strollers can be a bit bulky and weighty. This can make it more demanding to push, fold, or store in the car trunk. It’s essential to look at the dimensions of a product before spending money. For instant, pushing a side-by-side stroller through a narrow door is more difficult than pushing a front-to back type. A type that is too light may have been constructed from very light and weak materials. The Contours Elite Options Tandem Stroller seems to be well-balanced in regard to weight and size.


The right stroller should be compatible with most infant car seats. This makes it easy to fit the device inside the car. A better option is to go for products that allow the stroller to be reconfigured for toddler as well as infant use. The best types in the market in 2016 are compatible with universal car seat adapters and can fit in different car models. A product worth mentioning is the Baby Jogger Mini GT City Stroller.

Folding ability

Gone is the time when parents and guardians had to push bulky strollers. Nowadays, manufacturers are coming up with products that can fold to very small sizes. This makes it convenient to store them inside small spaces such as a car trunk. Top products can fold up to 1.5 times the original size. The Baby Jogger Summit X3 Stroller is a good example.

Identifying the best stroller out of the many varieties is challenging to both experienced and inexperienced buyers. And failing to follow the right procedure or focusing on the wrong factors may affect reliability, comfort, convenience, and also durability. Following the above tips on choosing the best double strollers 2016 minimizes such drawbacks.…

How important is a snack tray on baby strollers?

How important is a snack tray on baby strollers

Parents are faced with a tough decision when it comes to purchasing bay stroller whether to for that with or without tray for the child seat. It is something that must be done perfectly to suit your baby.Having a baby stroller that has no tray means that the stroller will only have a bar across your child’s lap with no tray to put food or drink. The stroller also do not have near handle for the holding drinks for adults or keys. From the experience with my three kids, I find it necessary to have a baby stroller with a snack tray. I will point out some of the moments I have found this tray important and just what I needed for my kids.

The first experience with baby stroller that has a snack tray was not good. The tray was weak and removed it after just 2 months. But I missed the snack tray which forced me to purchase another baby stroller with a strong and better snack tray. The second one had baby and parent trays. I used to put my sippy cup on the parent’s cup holder while the baby enjoyed the snacks on the child’s tray. I have used baby strollers that have trays since my first born and I find them very useful. There was a time I had to get after market tray after we purchased the stroller that did not have the snack tray.

How important is a snack tray on baby strollers

The snack tray for me is a great deal. I use them all the time and I always have trouble whenever we acquire a new stroller that has no snack tray. Snack traps are alternatives and the no throw leash are highly compatible with the snack traps. The issue of sanitary also makes the snack trays more suitable compared to throw strap.

Another reason why snack tray is important for the baby stroller is that it offers an opportunity for your child to play with things. It is a great bonus since you can have snack and drinks strapped as you stroll around. The snack trays makes life easier as your child grows older. The snack trays are designed to be clicked in and out for cleaning and riding effortlessly. This is a fantastic choice for you as a parent and for your child. If the stroller does not come with a parent area, one can also acquire one from the market which does the magic.

The tray can come in handy when the kids were fussy. Putting cheerios in the tray was the best thing that could make them forget that they were upset. It calms them and serves as great distraction. It was the best way to get them sit comfortably in the stroller. The snack trays are more convenient when you are going out to stroll. There are many ways that the baby stroller can make life easier for you. However having a snack tray on the stroller is a bonus for you and your child.…

How to feed your baby while in the go

How to feed your baby while in the go

Babies eat frequent small meals throughout the day and every meal counts. While you are on the go, it is better to have home prepared healthy food for your baby, instead of having a little something from the corner store. But it might require a little more effort than breastfeeding which doesn’t require any special equipment. You are going to need small plastic container for snacks and wipes for sticky hands and faces that seem to be impossible to avoid. The container can be anything from a simple recycled plastic cottage cheese container to specially made containers. And you also need wipes or a damp face cloth to clean your baby’s hand before eating or wipe their hands and mouth afterwards.

Yummy and Healthy Stroller Snacks

Some healthy and yummy snacks for stroller rides might include.

· Bite size pieces of fruits and veggies.

· Bite size cheese cubes.

· Homemade fruit muffins or vegetable cakes.

· A bottle of formula.

Importance of Healthy Food While on the Go

It is important to feed your child healthy food instead of just offering some processed snack like cheerios. It might be more difficult than just placing some crackers in front of your baby, but by keeping track of your baby’s favorite fruits or veggies; you can easily prepare healthy road snacks for them.

How to feed your baby while in the go

Feeding Baby on the Stroller

Having baby strollers with trays proves extremely helpful if want to you feed your baby while strolling. The tray have a little space specially for holding a Sippy cup and on the rest of the tray you can put food out for the baby to easily pick and eat. Whether you are at the mall, strolling on the road or at the park, the trays on their stroller are a convenient way of handing your baby a snack or pop a bottle of water.

Baby Strollers also help if you are out in a restaurant where there are no high chairs available for your little one to sit and eat, you can use your stroller as a travel high chair. Some parents also suggest using a stroller as a high chair if you live in very small apartments.

If your stroller does not have the option of tray, you can easily use containers with special lids. Such containers allow your little one’s hand to move in and out easily.

Parent’s tip:

While cooking dinner, chop a little more fruits and vegetables than needed and store the cut up leftovers in small plastic containers in the fridge. These make for a ready made snack you can grab on the way out the door.

Some Healthy Baby food for the Road Whole fruits and vegetables

Bite size pieces of your baby’s favorite fruits or vegetables make an ideal healthy food while traveling. Apples, avocados, oranges, boiled potatoes or carrots can easily be chopped and offered to the little one from anywhere. Or you can just hand your baby a whole banana while he is in the stroller.

Bottle of Water and Formula

It is important to keep a bottle of water to offer your baby a drink when he or she is thirsty. And if you want to feed your baby a bottle of formula on the stroller, it is better to keep a thermos full of warm water and preparing formula while on the go than making a bottle from home.…